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BASE3D can start any project of any size in regular or express time frames.

Our team consists of trained Architects and Interior Designers who are able to confidently work alongside our clients, ensuring premium and dynamic outcomes across the board. Our 3D products are used in selling properties off the plan, as well as obtaining Developing Approvals with councils.

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Scale Models Process


Model Boundary

The extent of the model will be established by forming a boundary over the site plan. Everything within the boundary will be included in the physical model.


Colour Selection & Drawing Preparation

The material schedule will be reviewed and sample swatches will be painted up for confirmation before the model pieces are cut and sprayed. Textures such as cladding, brick and timber can be painted onto the acrylic pieces to represent selected building materials. The CAD drawings will be reviewed at this stage and optimised for the laser cutter.


Acrylic Cutting & Assembly

The base of the model is built and the CAD drawings are used to laser cut the acrylic pieces. The model is built around a central framing structure that supports the building. If lighting is required, the central core also houses the necessary electrical wiring. Photographs are sent throughout the assembly process to track progression of the build.


Final Approval

The final touches are added to the model, including landscaping, street labels and north point. Final images of the completed model are supplied for approval before the model is transported in its road case to the required destination.

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