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BASE3D can start any project of any size in regular or express time frames.

Our team consists of trained Architects and Interior Designers who are able to confidently work alongside our clients, ensuring premium and dynamic outcomes across the board. Our 3D products are used in selling properties off the plan, as well as obtaining Developing Approvals with councils.

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Exteriors Process


Camera Angle Selection

We assist you to select the best vantage point from which to view your property. The camera angle can be set to highlight a standout feature of the building, or to simply showcase the street appeal of your design.



Our specialised modelling team will work with the selected camera angle and turn your plans and elevations into a black and white 3D wireframe of your building. You have the opportunity to tweak the camera angle and review the detailed modelling our team has completed in this stage.


Texture and Lighting

We apply colours and textures based on your lighting selection. Whether you prefer to present your property in soft, early morning light or a dramatic dusk sunset, our team are able to texture the building in line with your vision. Each element of the model is reviewed against your material schedule and assigned a colour and texture to ensure realism of the final image.


Post Production

In this stage all surrounding planting is added to set the scene and soften the image. Our team can work with detailed supplied landscaping plans, or help you develop a concept to bring your image to life. Final touches are added to perfect the lighting, colour balance and contrast before supplying the final high resolution image.

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