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BASE3D can start any project of any size in regular or express time frames.

Our team consists of trained Architects and Interior Designers who are able to confidently work alongside our clients, ensuring premium and dynamic outcomes across the board. Our 3D products are used in selling properties off the plan, as well as obtaining Developing Approvals with councils.

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Animation Process


Camera Pathway

Working within the selected animation duration, our team will suggest a succinct and well balanced camera pathway to communicate your design to the viewer. We will work with you to highlight the important elements of the space and put forward the best camera movements to capture the spatial layout in it’s best light.


Animatic Preview

Our team will model the building from your plans and elevations, detailing all areas seen along the camera pathway. We will produce a preview clip of the model, which provides the opportunity to review the speed and movements of the camera, whilst also checking over the details of the building seen along the pathway.


Texturing, Lighting & Landscaping

Each element of the design is assigned a colour and material, in line with your supplied material schedule. We can set the scene in day, dusk or evening lighting to suit your intended look and feel. In this stage the team will also apply 3D landscaping and any required background view imagery to contextualise the animation. Still images are supplied at this stage which are rendered frames from along the camera pathway for review.


Final Render & Post Production

The animation undergoes a final rendering process to output the final file in a high quality format. Once the rendering process is finalised post production effects such as logos, text and music can be added in to brand the animation in line with your marketing campaign.

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