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3D Renderings for Building Exterior

Architecture and technology have evolved by huge leaps and bounds in recent years, and being able to render building exteriors in 3D is no different. It’s important that you get accurate renderings at each stage of the building process, and we’re here to help.

What are Building Exterior 3D Renderings?

A building exterior 3D rending is one of the most common tools used by architects around the world. A 3D rendering is a computer-generated 3D image that shows the exterior of a building your structure. Technology allows architects to make these 3D renderings on computer software and easily move around the exterior of the building to see all of the different vantage points.

You can have a simple model that is just the building in question, or you can have full realistic design elements incorporated in including foliage, fences, trees, streets and people. Our architects can add surrounding properties into their exterior 3D renderings as well to provide our clients with a better sense of location.

These types of renderings are excellent choices for clients who want a new construction project, or who want to build on a piece of vacant land and want to know how the building will fit into the surrounding environment.

Exterior 3D Rendering

Common Uses for Building Exterior 3D Renderings

There are several common uses for having building exterior 3D renderings on both large and small construction projects. One of the most common uses is to get the architects, construction companies and clients all on the same page, design-wise. Building exterior 3D renderings can help to visualize textures of the roof, walls and any foundational elements that the client requires.

Building exterior 3D renderings also help to show space. It can be difficult to imagine how a new construction project will look when it gets in the proposed space, whether this is a residential area or in a plot of vacant land. The architects can build the property, set the rendering in the property and give everyone a good idea of the flow of the finished area.

If people aren’t sure about architectural elements like windows, doors or lighting elements, the building exterior 3D renderings can help them see which areas would benefit most from these various design elements. The goal is to combine flow with functionality, and it can help to be able to see these things in 3D because it gives you a better spacial concept.

Benefits of Building Exterior 3D Renderings

Architecture is one area where a high level of accuracy is critical, and architects need all of the tools they can get to ensure that the finished product is safe and that meets all of their client’s expectations. The biggest benefits of building exterior 3D renderings are:

  • Higher Degree of Design Accuracy – Even with years of experience and the most precise calculations, people can make errors when it comes to angles and measurements. Building exterior 3D renderings allow architects to test their design elements for structural integrity and accuracy.
  • Multi-Angle Views – Traditional 2D drawings have limits to how many angles you can view it from, but 3D renderings aren’t as restricted. You can put your exterior visualizations into 3D form to give the entire team a better understanding of what the finished product will look like.
  • Reduce Construction Costs –Since you’ll be able to catch problems with your building’s exterior quicker, you’ll reduce your overall construction costs. Additionally, it can also potentially shorten the construction process, and this cuts your costs as well.
  • Engaging Advertising – Building exterior 3D renderings can be an eye-catching and beautiful way to advertise for the new building or business. Also, potential buyers are more likely to respond to a full 3D rendering than they are to a flat 2D design.
  • Easier Design Changes– Maybe you decided that the building doesn’t have enough windows or the doors aren’t in optimal places. Looking at an exterior rendering will give all parties a way to institute design changes all along the building’s exterior.

The BASE3D Difference

Why choose BASE3D for your external building 3D renderings? It’s simple. We bring a passion for design and years of experience to each project we do. Our staff has extensive training in architecture, architectural computing, interior design, modelling and much more.

Our cutting-edge software allows us to visualize every step of the design and marketing process throughout the project’s duration. Additionally, our 3D renderings can help you strategize for marketing opportunities for your new property.

We can create a compelling photo montage that are essential pieces of your marketing strategy when you’re seeking stakeholder or council approval for your construction project.

At BASE3D, we pride ourselves on our fast response time, dedicated teams, cutting-edge software and our willingness to go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations time and time again. With studios in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, it’s easy for our clients to reach us when they need us.

This is the BASE3D difference.


Recent Building Exterior 3D Rendering Projects

We have an extensive portfolio of building exterior 3D rendering projects available for any potential clients to browse. These projects include a station masterplan, shopping centre in Frankston, Merewether Golf Club, Hume Highway in Liverpool, office buildings, terraces, pavilions, homes, office buildings and much more.

We invite you to take a look through our numerous projects and request a quote if you see something you like or if it’s similar to your planned construction project.

Contact BASE3D for Your External Building 3D Renderings Today!

Do you need to get a clear picture of your next construction project? Maybe you need a comprehensive 3D rendering with a photo montage to help you gain the council’s approval for your project. Either way, we want to help.

We invite you to contact us today at BASE3D to request a quote on your upcoming project. You can submit your CAD or PDF drawings through our online form, or give us a call on 1300 136 139. We look forward to hearing from you!

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