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BASE3D can start any project of any size in regular or express time frames.


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We are a specialized 3D visualization company, with studios in New York, Los Angeles, London, Australia and Hong Kong.

BASE3D allows industry professionals to visualize their dreams of the future by providing high quality 3D Images, Physical Models, Animations and Floor Plans. Our clients include Property Developers, Architects, Home Builders, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers and Marketing Agencies.

Our team consists of trained Architects and Interior Designers who are able to confidently work alongside our clients, ensuring premium and dynamic outcomes across the board. Our 3D products are used in selling properties off the plan, as well as obtaining Developing Approvals with councils.

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Architects and developers engage us to create professional, presentation quality 3D renders that communicate design intent and detail to their relevant clients or stake holders. Our realistic images help to convey the initial concept in high quality detail and are often used for websites, tender packages and competitions.


Our physical models and photomontages are often used by architects as supporting documentation for council development applications. We are able to superimpose rendered buildings into true photographic context, to represent the integration of your design into the existing streetscape.


We work alongside home builders, developers, estate agents and marketing companies to provide visual material for selling off the plan. We are experienced in understanding your marketing needs and tailoring our products to suit. Whether its suggesting the perfect sized physical model to compliment your display suite or incorporating your company logo into your finalised animation, our team is able to meet your marketing requirements.

We specialize in



Exterior Renders are the perfect way to communicate the design intent of your new project. Our team can efficiently turn your plans and elevations in a realistic, 3D digital model. Firstly, we will help you select the best camera angle to show off your building and we will model a structural wireframe for your confirmation. From here we apply lighting and high quality material mappings to ensure a dynamic visualisation of your design. Lastly, landscaping and post production effects are applied, transporting the viewer kerbside, to share your vision of the future build.



Interior Renders truly capture the lifestyle that your design has to offer. Our specialised team will help you to select the optimum camera angle, styling and lighting to display your interior space to its full potential. Through applying your selected high quality finishes our team is able to execute a powerful and detailed CGI, custom made for your intended demographic.


Cut Throughs

Cut Through images allow you to observe your design in 3D, from a carefully selected sectional viewpoint. This type of image is a great way for the viewer to establish a spatial understanding of the internal layout, whilst still being immersed in a beautifully styled interior perspective. Cut through images visually maximise the spatial layout and are an ideal way of showcasing narrow spaces, as well as displaying relationships between different rooms or the integration of exterior and interior spaces of your building.


Floor Plans

Using your CAD files, our team builds attractive and accessible coloured floor plans which are a perfect way to visually communicate the layout and spatial arrangement of your design. Our team will style and furnish your plans, based on your selections and turn complicated architectural files into simple and effective plans, that are easy for potential buyers to understand and fall in love with.


Home Builders

Home facades are produced quickly by our team, to a high quality. Our team are experts at displaying your home range in 3D and understand the importance of producing home façade perspectives that are able to boldly stand alone, or read cohesively as a collection. We have worked alongside industry leading Home Builders and supported them through various marketing campaigns, ranging in scale from 1 home, to large packages of 50-100 new designs.



Photomontage images seamlessly insert your design directly into the site of your development, effectively communicating the way your building will sit in the current streetscape. Our photographer will capture a range of images based on your direction for you to select from. Our team will match the lighting and angle to the chosen photograph in order to present a realistic outcome, ideal for council DA submissions. Photomontages are also a fantastic way to market off the plan, displaying your site’s proximity to attractive surrounding amenities and landmarks.



Animations virtually guide the viewer through your new development, highlighting key features along the way. Our team works with you to select a well thought out camera pathway and employs various camera techniques to masterfully unveil your design. The finished product can be crafted to incorporate music, voice overs and company logos to compliment your marketing campaign.  Animations are a great way to give the viewer a full experience of your design, from the overall street appeal to the fine tuned details of the internal finishes.


Scale Models

Scale architectural models are an impressive way to portray your whole building in a physical format. Our dedicated team hand-assembles the laser cut acrylic pieces of your design, allowing for a detailed finish. Coloured marketing models are a brilliant centrepiece to your display suite and an informative tool to represent the architectural elements of your development, as well as where each apartment sites within the master plan.


Express 48 Hours

Projects that have a tight deadline. Conceptual designs through to last minute marketing images. We have a dedicated team who specialise in getting results almost overnight. We take plans and schematics and turn around the look you need in no time. Ask about our BASE3DExpress service if you need it now.  

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