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Having a 3D rendering gives real estate agents a fast and efficient way to show prospective tenants or home buyers a wealth of information about the property itself or the immediate neighbourhood. It works well for smaller residential areas, rural areas and in larger cities all over Australia. Additionally, large real estate companies and smaller private real estate companies can benefit from getting 3D renderings for their properties.

What is 3D Rendering for Real Estate Agents?

3D rendering for real estate agents is making a 3D display of a property, building or residence. These 3D renderings show the real estate agent’s clients the inside and outside of a property. Depending on the type of 3D rendering, the person can take a virtual tour of the property without ever having to step foot inside of it. This is especially useful if the property is under construction or renovation.

You can use 3D renderings for individual houses, apartment complexes, and multi-family homes. They can also include the immediate surrounding neighborhood so the clients can see what will change with the new buildings complete the construction phase.

Common Uses for 3D Rendering for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents use 3D rendering for a variety of applications, and it’s especially useful for marketing purposes. Competition is fierce in the real estate sector, so standing out from your competition is key to making sales. Common uses for 3D rendering for real estate agents include:

  • Presentations – If there are new homes or new apartment complexes coming in, real estate agents need to generate interest and excitement. They can take the 3D renderings to their presentations and let their audience get up close to see the new structures and how it fits into the current surroundings.
  • Advertising– It’s common to see beautiful and eye-catching 3D renderings on brochures or in advertisements for real estate agencies and companies. They are excellent for catching potential buyer’s eyes and showcasing what puts the properties in question ahead of the competition’s properties.
  • Showcasing the Entire Infrastructure– Photorealistic 3D rendering removes some of the smaller details from the property. But 3D rendering for real estate agents allows them to showcase the entire property’s infrastructure all in one 3D rendering.
  • Building a Portfolio – 3D renderings of current properties the real estate agent is selling is an easy way to build a beautiful and extensive portfolio. They can then use this portfolio to show their various properties to any interested buyers without actually having to leave the office and drive to the property.
  • Virtual Tours – 3D rendered animations allow the interested parties to take a tour of the property or home in the comfort of their own homes or in the real estate agent’s office. This is particularly useful if the property isn’t finished or if it’s undergoing renovations when they want to see it.

The Benefits of 3D Rendering for Real Estate Agents

Reality companies and real estate agents are all about having beautiful photographs of the houses they have for sale. This is why 3D rendering and real estate agents go hand-in-hand. The most common benefits include:

  • Generate Interest– If people can see the properties in 3D form, it generates much more interest than pictures or flat 2D drawings would have. They’ll want to be able to see inside of and around the property, and 3D rendering allows them to do this.
  • Convenient –There is a large convenience factor when you use 3D renderings. Instead of organising for the potential buyer to travel to the property, you can give them a 3D tour of the home from your office. It’s an excellent way to shorten the buying process because there are fewer questions and steps to coordinate.
  • Advertising Potential – Adding 3D renderings to your brochures or flyers give them a sophisticated and colourful look. You’ll be able to showcase any homes you have for sale and show off their infrastructure. This can draw more interest to your company, and this can generate more sales.
  • Property Promotion Opportunity– 3D renderings make it fast and easy for a company to promote properties. Whether this is on their own site or through social media, they’re easy to share and upload. People can take virtual tours, look at the interior and exteriors, and show them to their family and friends. This increases your exposure as a whole.
  • Presentations – Maybe you want to sell a piece of land for development and you have to secure counsel or stakeholder approval. 3D rendering for real estate agents gives you a medium to help generate interest and get your required permits or approval.

The Base3D Difference

At Base3D, we have offices in America, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. This allows us to serve our clients all over the world quickly and efficiently, and our highly skilled team consists of people who are highly trained in architecture, interior design, modelling and architectural computing.

We work side by side with our clients to produce everything from floor plans and 3D images to animations. Our extensive experience and dedication set us apart from other companies, and it’s allowed us to become an industry leader in the 3D rendering field.

Our clients come to us for fast and accurate work, professional staff and our can-do attitudes because they know that we’ll go above and beyond to meet their needs.

This is the Base3D difference.

Recent 3D Rendering for Real Estate Agent Projects

We have an extensive portfolio at Base3D that showcases our previous work for real estate agents all over the world. We’ve done 3D renderings of interiors, exteriors, land and home, cut throughs and floor plans. Additionally, photomontages, animations are valuable resources that our real estate clients count on to help showcase their properties and generate interest in their business.

Contact Base3D for Rending for Real Estate Agents Today!

If you’re a real estate agent or a realty company and you need 3D renderings of your properties, contact us. You can fill out our Quote Request form, and one of our staff will be in touch, or you can call us on (212) 252-2245 today!

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