Our Rendering Process

  • Setting up the camera. We need to find the best vantage point to present the site. Often the aim maybe to minimise the impact of the scale and other times showcase the structure in all its glory.

  • A wireframe preview shows us how the site looks and confirms that we have selected the sites best side. Now that we have the site in 3D it allows us to tweek the angle ever so slightly to the left or right to ensure the view is optimal.

  • Texture and Lighting. A dusk lighting setting has been selected in this case which allows ambient light to bellow out. Now its a matter of seeing that the textures are clear and that we match them to their suppliers specification. A Boral brick, a shingle or standing seam roof or a Benjamin Moore exterior paint, all of these suppliers and more are cataloged in our texture and mapping library ensuring the development depicts the plans.

  • Post Production. We've built the building, mapped the survey terrain and its time to bring the entire site into context. Landscaping drawings may show the species of plant and the other styles of soft and hard landscaping. If your site is yet to have considered the landscaping leave it to us, we will confirm with reference the possible finished product and build it into the render. The lightness of the twilight sky has been reviewed at this time. We now have a high resolution render for you to present to the market for a quick off the plan sale.